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Experience luxury like never before in stunning destinations like Knokke, Ibiza, Marbella, Saint Tropez, and Verbier! Explore my exclusive holiday rentals and elevate your getaway with on demand concierge service via my app. Discover opulent villas, pristine beaches, and breathtaking mountain retreats. Your dream vacation awaits. Book now and make unforgettable memories in these sought-after destinations.

#JAMES your butler in an app upgrade your stay with one of my on demand butler services via my app, Nanny? Private Chef? Shuttle service? Housekeeping? Restaurant Service?  Helicopter ride? The possibilities are endless, get inspired what having a butler can do for you!


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my network of local service providers makes you become a local. Every service is bookable in my app, but services by carefully selected, highly recommended local service providers, free a concierge service like no other



Nothing better then traveling in all comfort and private luxury to your holiday destination with my private jet service? My network of private jet companies provide you the perfect Jet or Helicopter charter, no matter your destination.

A fully customized travel solution to offer you the maximized comfort  to travel from door to door. Any personal wishes during the flight or on arrival? Consider it done, besides the charter. order all additional services via my app to complete the perfect journey, download your butler.


elevating guest experience by providing them high quality personal service is key for guest satisfaction, but. traditional concierge services are labour intensive, the solution? Download your butler!

My full service rental – concierge – butler app uses the latests techniques to combine luxury holiday rentals with on demand local service . A fully flexible, Uber taxi like service platform.

A butler app for your apartment, villa, hotel, resort, yacht or private jet service? I love to collab! No investment, no monthly fees, just service! 

Let’s get in touch & explore a collab.

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